Intervention and Customs Processing

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A correct procedure in the customs intervention prevents sanctions, need for subsequent resources and is not only a time saver but is also a financial and business benefit.

  • Customs intervention in import and export operations with centralized dispatch and national coverage.
  • Customs formalities in origin and destination.
  • Tariff classification and determination of the origin of goods.
  • Assistance in Customs inspections.
  • International network of correspondents. Members of the WCNA (Worldwide Cargo Network Association)
Avoid surprises, delays and unnecessary costs.

As a hunter, we recommend that you have all the information before importing your trophies.

Note that the customs in the EU, and in this case the Spanish customs, review 100% of hunting trophies for legal, health and the environmental reasons. The import and export of certain species of wild fauna and flora require a CITES certificate.

We will make sure that all of these documents are properly drafted and approved by the local authority and made in term:

  • Prior advice.
  • Pre – CITES Request
  • We proof hunting quotas
  • We reduce the arrival time of the Trophies
  • Air/Sea Freight. (International Network of correspondents)
  • Veterinary inspections and CITES at destination
  • Customs intervention
  • Documenting every trophy, although the hunter is not the holder of the DUA
  • International network of correspondents, members of the WCNA.