The ABQ Group manages customs warehouses and the customs clearance procedure for COLORBABY

  • ABQ did all the handing-over process, computer adaptation and implementation of warehouses for the COLORBABY company.
  • With this business decision, COLORBABY achieved total autonomy of management and gives added value by becoming leading company in its sector.


COLORBABY is a benchmark company in its sector, with headquarters in Ibi, Alicante, started business in 1985 and is specialized in the distribution of widely consumed products from different categories. Initially, it was devoted exclusively to the toy industry, today it has three major lines of products: TOYS, LICENCES and STATIONERY, toys for all ages, toys and products with time licenses and a large selection of school and office materials and stationery; LEISURE AND FREE TIME, designed for the enjoyment of outdoor activities; and home and personal care, personal hygiene items, kitchenware, scented candles and decorations, cleaning and organizing products.

The business strategy of COLORBABY is valued added to its customers thanks to its commitment to maintain the high standards of quality in both product and service. The certification as Authorised Business Operator (OAS) and subsequently implementation of the customs warehouses has allowed it to optimize its management of operations and its logistics thus improving the service to its customers.



The company COLORBABY in order to itself as a leading company in its sector, made the right business decision with the help of the ABQ Group, first certifying the COLORBABY company as OAS and subsequently adapting, through the interface, their computer programs, with the aim of enabling communication with the Customs General Management and thus to obtain the authorizations for the management of the customs warehouses.

ABQ Group gives support to the management of customs warehouses and the customs clearance procedure at COLORBABY facilities located in Ibi and Castalla, Alicante, simplifying their import and export operations to incorporate Customs in these work centers. In this way the company has total autonomy of management in the field of customs and tax.

This solution is a key financial instrument that allows COLORBABY to act under suspension arrangements of both tariff and VAT.

This project strengthens the ABQ Group as a benchmark in customs legislation, which consolidates and expands its presence in the planning, provision and management of customs warehouses and customs clearance Procedures.